Construction/Industrial Photographers Wanted for Video Shoot

Construction Safety Week: May 6th - 10th

Construction Marketing Inc., America's leading marketing firm in the construction industry, is undertaking a monumental project to capture 65 huge construction projects across the USA, all within one week. This effort is to support and promote the client's commitment to jobsite safety and their desire to get their workers home safely each night. This project is one of our client’s roles as part of the nationwide observance of Safety Week ( ).

We need a one-person crew to handle one project each day for 5 consecutive days. You will be paid for a travel day on Sunday and will be expected to show up very early ( 6 am ) at assigned project locations with all your gear in carry mode, ready to be escorted to your shooting position.

At the beginning of the day, you will use 2 cameras to capture video of a corporate executive delivering a short speech. After you shoot the speech, you will spend 2-3 hours capturing B-roll during the morning light hours. At that point, you will drive to the next day's shooting location ( usually within 120 miles ), check into your hotel, and if possible produce a 30-second edit of the footage you captured and send it in. You will then prepare your gear and be ready to do the exact same thing for 4 more days. You will be paid a travel day on Saturday to return home if travel arrangements for Friday afternoon or evening cannot be arranged.

The footage that you capture will become the full property with unlimited rights of Construction Marketing Inc. who will transfer those rights to the client. You must sign a non-disclosure agreement specifically prohibiting you from sharing any information, photos or video that you capture as part of this project. You will not be able to mention your participation in these projects on social media. Your name or firm’s name will be provided on screen credit in the approved final productions we do with this footage including social media posts. You will be free to include those finished pieces in your portfolios. You will be strictly bound by non-disclosure agreements because of the very high stature and confidentiality of the projects you will be shooting.

Project Details

Travel Day: May 5th
Shooting Days: May 6th - 10th
Travel Day: May 11th ( if no flight is available in the afternoon/evening on the 10th )

Equipment Requirements:

  • Set up 2 cameras ( DSLRs or OK )
  • Wireless mics ( at least 1 )
  • At least one lens longer than 300mm, one wide
  • 2 portable tripods

Not Required but Appreciated:

  • FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone pilot’s license & drone


  • Must be on site before sunrise ( 6 am )
  • Physical ability to carry your gear in one load by yourself up to 3/4 mile up hills, through mud and forest or other obstacles
  • Must possess boots and long pants and long sleeve shirts and a hard hat.
  • Organizational and commitment skills to be able to have cameras and mics set up and ready to shoot at a precise moment in the morning each day. Failure to appear at appointed time or capture the speech for non-legitimate reasons will impact your final compensation.
  • Ability to edit daily segment from hotel room while at location
  • IMPORTANT: The speeches that will be given are synchronized and will begin on time, whether your site is set up or not. You CANNOT miss your shot
  • Ability to set up and run 2 cameras for video ( 1 wide/static, 1 tight ) of an executive giving a speech on a construction jobsite
  • Ability to capture interesting and exciting footage on the jobsite, with footage showing closeup of people's faces/hands, etc.
  • Ability to shoot engaging construction footage featuring advanced construction techniques and the people that make it happen
  • Driver's license

If you would like to participate, we need from you the following:

  • Proposed travel day rate ( amount to cover your time for the day of travel to the project )
  • Proposed shooting day rate ( all inclusive ) of your pay and gear charges
  • A link to a production or reel in which you are listed in the credits or clearly your work that includes outdoor or industrial shooting expertise

In addition to your proposed travel day rate and proposed shooting day rate, you will be provided with:

  • Airfare or tickets ( if required )
  • Pre-paid hotel
  • Rental car with insurance
  • $120 per day for food and expenses

If your portfolio does not demonstrate a clear and obvious experience in this type of shooting, we may ask talented, Florida based shooters without industrial or construction footage to come to our office for a demonstration of their video shooting ability. If you decide to pursue this opportunity and additional demonstration of ability is requested, you will need to travel at your own expense to Sarasota, FL for a short meeting with the producers and to demonstrate your ability to set up and capture a simulated interview at a scheduled time.

Apply Now

Please send us an email at with the information specified below:

  • Your name
  • Link to portfolio
  • Your rate for each shooting day
  • Your rate for each travel day
  • Are you available May 5th - 11th, 2019?