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PPC Advertising for Construction Companies

The difference between being a small construction firm and becoming a successful, growing one is understanding how to properly market your services. Getting the right calls from your future customers requires a smart approach that is understandable, demonstrably effective, and easy to maintain. There is no secret. It just means doing the right things with your website, map presence, reviews, brand messaging and pay per click (PPC) advertising. Everything we do is focused on driving quality traffic to your website while optimizing your return on investment (ROI).

There are several types of PPC Campaigns, including Google AdWords, display ads, search ads, video ads, social media ads, and much more. Online advertising gives you maximum control and allows you to target specific types of people or search terms. You can also focus your ads on people who live within your service area, so you aren't wasting money advertising in a location you don't serve.

Ranking organically on the top of the search engine results takes a lot of time and time is money! For clients who need to be found and don't have months of content writing to waste, PPC offers a quick and easy solution.

Because we are trained and experienced PPC professionals, we can quickly discover the keywords that are right for your business, write Ad Copy that will grab visitors attention and create Landing pages that are optimized to convert while keeping your Cost per click at a competitive but not wasteful level. The best part about PPC is that you can drive quality traffic to your site quickly and without breaking the bank.

We can help you get the phone calls, appointments and deals you need to be successful in your local market. Let us know what customers you want—and the ones you want to keep—and we will create a paid search plan that will work for your construction or home repair business.

As the months pass, we will work with you to optimize the approach so the phone rings with very little effort or attention on your part. To get things moving today, call Construction Marketing and let's discuss your business objectives.

Construction Marketing is a Google Partner

As a certified Google Partner, our team remains at the forefront of the internet advertising world. We stay up to date on the latest developments to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their advertising investment.

PPC Management Monthly Package Includes:

  • Account Set-Up
  • Display & Search Networks
  • Monthly Account Reporting Emails
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Optimization of Landing Pages

$600 Initial Set-up Fee (includes custom display ad design)

$400 per month for account management

10% for ad spend over $2,000 per month

Also experienced in Bing Ads

Construction Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of ppc services for general contractors, construction managers, engineering firms, suppliers, manufacturers and software companies seeking to reach a greater audience through online advertising.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

search engine marketing for Construction Contractors

Top reasons to incorporate SEM into your marketing strategy

  • 1It's Affordable. You pick your budget and we create a campaign to best target your desired customers. With Google AdWords, there is no minimum budget; you can choose to spend what you are comfortable with and can pause the ads at any time. There are no contracts and no obligations, and you have complete control.
  • 2Show Up Before Organic Search Results. Google places paid search results before organic search results. Often times, people click on the first link they see that matches their query and don't notice whether it's an ad or an organic result. By careful keyword targeting, our team selects searches that are the most important for your company. When your potential client searches for those terms, they see your ad at exactly the time they are searching for information to make a buying decision. Your company shows up on top and dominates the competition, regardless of SEO.
  • 3Compelling Image Ads. Search results are not the only way to advertise online. You can choose to advertise on millions of websites on the internet with compelling imagery and text that will entice visitors that are interested in your firm as a construction contractor, building product manufacturer, supplier or other services. Similar to search advertising, display advertising allows you to carefully choose your target audience. Instead of using keywords, display advertising targets your potential customer by identifying the website where the ad will be placed, as well as by targeting certain demographics or interest groups. We can help you locate the ideal construction related web sites that your future customers can most efficiently be targeted with PPC display advertising. Remarketing is a helpful tool that increases visibility by targeting customers that have previously visited your website. Display ads have many exciting possibilities, including customization for different devices, screen sizes and animation.
  • 4Tailor Your Ads for the Season. If your business has popular times for different services, you can choose to promote those services when they are most in demand. Suppose you are a residential electrician in Florida who among other services puts a lot of emphasis on backup generator sales and installation. You can choose to run ads for your generators before and during the hurricane season when your residential customers are most interested in that type of product. Regardless of your field, SEM allows you to take advantage of promoting different aspects of your services at different times, to maximize your earning potential.
  • 5Superior Control & Insight. Online advertising has quickly surpassed all other forms of traditional advertising. Unlike the old "spray and pray" technique that relied on projecting your message far and wide in the hopes that a potential client might see it at the right time, SEM allows you to focus your advertising expenditures where it matters most. Because of its digital nature, SEM provides a direct feedback mechanism to give your firm insight into what works and what doesn’t. Through the Google AdWords interface, you can analyze every aspect of your advertising and refine where necessary. AdWords tools provide great insight into your advertising efforts from the moment your ads appear to what the visitor did after clicking on your ad. Better insight leads to better management which in turn leads to better ad spend.

Pay-Per-Click for your construction firm

PPC Advertising for Roofers

PPC Advertising for Roofers

Get noticed by your potential clients at the precise moment they are looking for roofing services in your service area. We'll make sure potential customers know what types of roofs you install, how experienced your workers are, and how dependable and responsive you are. Build your reputation as a reliable roofer by increasing your visibility in your target market.

PPC Advertising for Electricians

PPC Advertising for Electricians

You've worked hard to gain experience and training, assemble a team of expert electricians, and build a reputation as a company that delivers consistent, quality service. Now let potential customers know that. We closely watch analytics so we can adjust our strategy and tweak keywords to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Let us know what kind of ROI you expect. We'll do the rest.

PPC Advertising for Plumbers

PPC Advertising for Plumbers

Whether you're a regional conglomerate serving high-profile industrial customers or a one-man crew serving a local market, you need a strategy to attract new business. When you choose Construction Marketing to manage your PPC campaign, we work with you to ensure that potential customers know your name, reputation for quality and service, and plumbing specialties. We are committed to giving you the highest ROI possible so you can see your marketing dollars at work.

PPC Advertising for Landscapers

PPC Advertising for Landscapers

You can't wow potential clients with a knockout website if they can't find your website in the first place. Increase your name recognition and visibility with a targeted PPC ad campaign. Whether your customers are looking for a seasoned arborist or simply someone to mow their lawn weekly, we'll make sure that your desired customers can find your business when they need help.

PPC Advertising for Remodeling Firms

PPC Advertising for Kitchen/Bath Remodeling Firms

Homeowners who plan to remodel a kitchen or bathroom want to know exactly what services you offer. Are you a general contractor who can provide one-stop shopping, or do you simply install floors and cabinets? Let potential customers know up front what they can expect from your business. Increase your sales potential by using a targeted PPC marketing campaign to show that you provide exactly what customers are looking for.

PPC for Pest Control

PPC Advertising for Pest Control

Whether you work around the country or only around town, you can't afford to run out of customers. Let potential clients know about your services, results and reputation with a professionally managed PPC advertising campaign. Do you specialize in organic, earth-friendly remedies? Do you have a superior rating with the BBB? Have you been in business for decades? We'll create a PPC ad campaign designed to showcase your specialty.