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Mariel Jaramillo
Director of Web Marketing
& Google Certified Professional 

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Search Engine Marketing for Construction Contractors

The importance of your company’s online presence cannot be stressed enough. In today’s world, having a professional website is only the beginning. Think of your internet presence as a wheel, with your company website at the center. Online advertising, organic rank, social media and inbound links are all critical spokes that lead back to that central core. To effectively capture your potential clients, your company needs to take advantage of all aspects of search engine marketing, or your marketing mix will be out of balance.

Competition is stiff and to get ahead of your competitors you need to be first. At Construction Marketing, our team of marketing professionals work with each other to make sure that our clients have all the necessary components to stand out from the crowd and be found.

One of the many services we offer is search engine marketing (SEM). In the early days of the web, people referred to SEM as both organic and paid search results. Today, SEM is used mostly to describe paid traffic, and search engine optimization (SEO) is used to describe organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic Visitors

We work hard to get you noticed. We utilize industry leading software to discover what your visitors are searching for and tailor the content of your website to appear for those queries. Through keyword research and audience analysis, our team identifies the top industry searches, and our talented copywriters get to work to craft the original copy that will gain attention.

Original content is the most critical factor in determining SEO success, but Construction Marketing utilizes additional ethical and well accepted practices behind the scenes that improve your ranking. Our team writes W3C validated and accessible code, and uses SEO coding techniques recommended by Google to emphasize the things that matter most about your construction industry firm. By continuously refining our approach, we strive to have your company’s website show up at the top of search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Visitors

SEM is a paid method of having your website showing up on at the top of search results, on other “destination” websites that get lots of traffic through display ads, as well as advertising in other channels such as social media. Our Google AdWords Certified SEM team, led by Web Marketing Director Mariel Jaramillo, brings the know-how to create effective & well managed advertising campaigns for our construction industry clients.

Why SEM? There is a common misconception that if you have good SEO for your website, you shouldn't need to pay for search results. But there are many reasons why SEM is a critical piece of your marketing puzzle...

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

search engine marketing for Construction Contractors

Top reasons to incorporate SEM into your marketing strategy

  • 1It's Affordable. You pick your budget and we create a campaign to best target your desired customers. With Google AdWords, there is no minimum budget; you can choose to spend what you are comfortable with and can pause the ads at any time. There are no contracts and no obligations, and you have complete control.
  • 2Show Up Before Organic Search Results. Google places paid search results before organic search results. Often times, people click on the first link they see that matches their query and don't notice whether it's an ad or an organic result. By careful keyword targeting, our team selects searches that are the most important for your company. When your potential client searches for those terms, they see your ad at exactly the time they are searching for information to make a buying decision. Your company shows up on top and dominates the competition, regardless of SEO.
  • 3Compelling Image Ads. Search results are not the only way to advertise online. You can choose to advertise on millions of websites on the internet with compelling imagery and text that will entice visitors that are interested in your firm as a construction contractor, building product manufacturer, supplier or other services. Similar to search advertising, display advertising allows you to carefully choose your target audience. Instead of using keywords, display advertising targets your potential customer by identifying the website where the ad will be placed, as well as by targeting certain demographics or interest groups. We can help you locate the ideal construction related web sites that your future customers can most efficiently be targeted with PPC display advertising. Remarketing is a helpful tool that increases visibility by targeting customers that have previously visited your website. Display ads have many exciting possibilities, including customization for different devices, screen sizes and animation.
  • 4Tailor Your Ads for the Season. If your business has popular times for different services, you can choose to promote those services when they are most in demand. Suppose you are a residential electrician in Florida who among other services puts a lot of emphasis on backup generator sales and installation. You can choose to run ads for your generators before and during the hurricane season when your residential customers are most interested in that type of product. Regardless of your field, SEM allows you to take advantage of promoting different aspects of your services at different times, to maximize your earning potential.
  • 5Superior Control & Insight. Online advertising has quickly surpassed all other forms of traditional advertising. Unlike the old "spray and pray" technique that relied on projecting your message far and wide in the hopes that a potential client might see it at the right time, SEM allows you to focus your advertising expenditures where it matters most. Because of its digital nature, SEM provides a direct feedback mechanism to give your firm insight into what works and what doesn’t. Through the Google AdWords interface, you can analyze every aspect of your advertising and refine where necessary. AdWords tools provide great insight into your advertising efforts from the moment your ads appear to what the visitor did after clicking on your ad. Better insight leads to better management which in turn leads to better ad spend.