Marketing Strategies & Analytics To Grow Your Business

Construction Marketing is an integrated digital marketing and advertising agency that exclusively serves the construction industry. Our team of marketing professionals understands the construction industry at all levels and will work with you and your team to get to know your firm, clearly establish goals, identify ideal customers, and establish a cost-effective marketing strategy that will generate real-world results. We have clients across the USA and are extremely knowledgeable of the needs of contractors, building product manufacturers, trade associations and service providers in the construction industry.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

As respected marketing practitioners for construction industry clients, we use marketing tools that properly align with the needs of our client’s offerings, marketing budget and business goals. For example, a small excavating firm that primarily is looking to get involved in local construction projects isn’t likely to benefit from a rigorous, data heavy approach. We know exactly who and where their target customers are and how to activate them – their modest marketing budget is best spent on the creative and descriptive marketing materials they need to attract the general contractors they hope to work with.

Conversely, a national manufacturer of building products with multiple product lines and distribution networks needs to use the full range of data and marketing analytics available to target, track and optimize their budgets. Sub optimal spending of even a fraction of these large marketing budgets could have a huge impact on bottom line results. This is why marketing analytics are so crucial for larger organizations as targeting, messaging, resource allocation and results simply must be understood and tracked year to year.

Developing A Marketing Plan

Your company is unique and your marketing plan should be too. For our clients that have a large budget and need to dominate in their industry, we offer in-depth marketing plans.

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1. Meet

Because Marketing requires a collaborative and custom approach the first thing we do is meet with your team to learn more about your company and your goals. By gaining a clear understanding of your company we are able to extract what makes you special and how to best "market" your uniqueness. By understanding where your strengths are and how you want to grow, we define goals that give way to a plan to get you there.

2. Audit

The next thing we do is crucial for our strategy to be successful. Our team of SEO experts, web developers and content writers get to work researching your industry, online presence and reputation, competitors and target audience. We utilize sophisticated web tools to perform a deep site audit. We research, analyze and dissect everything we can about your online presence. If you have a current website, we examine the content and the code, looking for weak spots and opportunities to improve it. If we are building a new website for you, we take what is working from your current site and incorporate it into the new website. We examine your social signals and online reputation. In addition to your online metrics, we also look at all of your marketing efforts, including current print materials and advertising, while looking for additional marketing directions that would be suited for your company. This part of the process is time extensive but necessary, by evaluating all the metrics, we are able to determine areas that need focus and pinpoint opportunities.

deep site audit

3. Track

After our research phase is complete, the team at Construction Marketing uses data analysis techniques to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow our team to track and measure your campaign’s success towards critical goals. We define conversions and install Google Analytic tags to track activity on your site and elsewhere.

4. Analyze

Using industry-leading software, our team will identify which keywords are working in your industry right now, how your competitors are using them, and how your firm stacks up. We’ll track keyword performance over time to establish the keyword list that is proven to provide your firm with a competitive advantage while constantly reviewing and optimizing the process.

5. Identify

marketing strategy for construction

Understanding buyers’ needs and behavior is a critical aspect of ensuring that your marketing approach is effective. Buyer personas are useful in providing an easy, shorthand way to understand and identify those existing clients and potential customers that typically fall into several main categories. Our team will work closely with your firm to identify key buyer personas, understand their needs and create compelling marketing campaigns encourage buying decisions.

6. Strategize

Now that we have a clear understanding of all factors, our team comes together to compare, contrast and brainstorm. We formulate a plan of action, set measurable goals, and get to work on achieving your business goals through your marketing campaigns.

7. Implement

After determining the keywords we want to target we make a list that serves as our guide for all things SEO. Utilizing this list, our content writers begin to craft original, informative and expert content that will help rank your website highly in search results. Our web developers implement SEO best practices and tactics and our marketing team sets up additional marketing funnels determined to be suitable. Most likely your Marketing Strategy will contain a combination of Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Content Marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Depending on your business type and needs, these could also include, email marketing, media marketing and brand awareness marketing.

8. Review/Modify

Our daily work on client accounts and weekly reassessment is reinforced by a formal review process every 3 months. Our team meets to review and measure the effectiveness of our strategy and modify as necessary. One of the ways we test effectiveness is with We use A/B testing to measure what content performs better by comparing key metrics such as click through rate. To remain successful, digital marketing strategies must evolve over time. Marketing campaigns must be tracked and measured, their success analyzed, and the approach constantly updated and refined to increase effectiveness, optimize results and continue to perform well in the marketplace. Marketing is an ongoing process that requires creativity, focus and exquisite attention to detail. You can’t expect immediate results but with an ongoing commitment to established fundamentals and best practices over time, you can guarantee success.

Marketing Analytics Tools We Use

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You can't fix something if you don't know it's broken...

At Construction Marketing, we use sophisticated web analytics software to track and analyze your online presence. By using tools such as Google Analytics and Moz, we are able to gain valuable insight into almost everything that happens on your site, including:

  • User attributes - such as gender, age range, revenue
  • Acquisition - How your user came to your site, from social media, referral, advertisement or organic search, as well as words that they used to find you in the search results.
  • Location - Where your visitor was located when they went to your website.
  • User Engagement - What happens after a user lands on your site, what pages do they gravitate to, do they complete a form, do they immediately leave your site (bounce rate).
  • And more - Too many to list here but Google analytics Reports will show you just how much information is available.

By learning these granular details about your users and how they are interacting with your site, we are able to find what pages are converting, which ones are most popular, and where there might be a problem. We continuosly review these metrics so that we can continue to groom your website, create new landing pages and optimize your on-page seo factors. By using data drive marketing tools we are able to get you more clicks and conversions and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

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Marketing Analytics Experts

We are marketers experienced with developing profitable marketing strategy and analysis for the construction industry. We enjoy the process of helping our clients achieve business success through the endless possibilities of digital marketing.

Our firm, Construction Marketing Inc. is proud to be known as a leading expert in marketing analytics in the construction industry. We are very pleased how our over 10 years of experience and skill in this area adds to our broader marketing abilities serving our clients in this industry.