Marketing Analytics for Building Product Manufacturers and Construction Contractors

Construction Marketing is an integrated digital marketing and advertising agency that exclusively serves the construction industry. Our team of marketing professionals understands the construction industry at all levels and will work with you and your team to get to know your firm, clearly establish goals, identify ideal customers, and establish a cost-effective marketing strategy that will generate real-world results. We have clients across the USA and are extremely knowledgeable of the needs of contractors, building product manufacturers, trade associations and service providers in the construction industry.

As respected marketing practitioners for construction industry clients, we use marketing tools that properly align with the needs of our client’s offerings, marketing budget and business goals. For example, a small excavating firm that primarily is looking to get involved in local construction projects isn’t likely to benefit from a rigorous, data heavy approach. We know exactly who and where their target customers are and how to activate them – their modest marketing budget is best spent on the creative and descriptive marketing materials they need to attract the general contractors they hope to work with. Conversely, a national manufacturer of building products with multiple product lines and distribution networks needs to use the full range of data and marketing analytics available to target, track and optimize their budgets. Sub optimal spending of even a fraction of these large marketing budgets could have a huge impact on bottom line results. This is why marketing analytics are so crucial for larger organizations as targeting, messaging, resource allocation and results simply must be understood and tracked year to year.

Construction Marketing uses best practice marketing data analysis techniques to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow our team to track and measure your campaign’s success towards critical goals. Our experts will target your desired markets and create compelling content that activates potential customers through websites, social media, public relations and SEO techniques.

To remain successful, digital marketing strategies must evolve over time. Marketing campaigns must be tracked and measured, their success analyzed, and the approach constantly updated and refined to increase effectiveness, optimize results and continue to perform well in the marketplace.

Keyword Analysis in the Construction Industry

The best and most effective marketing campaigns are continually refined and improved over time and modified as needed seasonally. One important way to test the effectiveness of a particular campaign is to present two or more slightly different versions of the same content (Version A vs. Version B) to see which creates the most successful customer conversions. Although invisible to the customer, these slight differences in effectiveness can accumulate over time to make a significant difference in your bottom line. The ROI of pay per click ads, websites, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns can be dramatically improved through the use of A/B testing.

In the case of pay per click ads, its often useful to understand the search volume of various keywords and then run multiple ads for the same keywords with different messaging to see which approach gains higher results. All of this is normalized as needed given the various cost differences on PPC platforms to establish clear conversion costs. Over time this iterative approach of picking the best performer keywords leads your future customer to content that optimally converts for a specific keyword grouping. Maximizing ROI is achieved by ensuring your target buying personas are presented with the content and PPC ads that has the highest statistical probability of conversion.

Precise Targeting of Construction Industry Customers

Establishing buyer persona groups is the process identifying target groups with meaningful and targetable criteria and then marketing to them in a manner that activates buying behavior. To maximize effectiveness to each target persona group, each marketing message must be customized to speak to the business needs of that group. Properly done, the digital advertising or web content presented engages and activates the right individuals at the right time, so they make a business decision to use our client’s product or service.

Understanding buyers’ needs and behavior is a critical aspect of ensuring that your marketing approach is effective. Buyer personas are useful in providing an easy, shorthand way to understand and identify those existing clients and potential customers that typically fall into several main categories. Our team will work closely with your firm to identify key buyer personas, understand their needs and create compelling marketing campaigns encourage buying decisions.

Keyword Analysis in the Construction Industry

Using industry-leading software, our team will identify which keywords are working in your industry right now, how your competitors are using them, and how your firm stacks up. We’ll track keyword performance over time to establish the keyword list that is proven to provide your firm with a competitive advantage while constantly reviewing and optimizing the process.

Throughout the crucial keyword targeting process we look for keyword opportunities that offer the same volume from targeted groups yet are much less competitively bid on PPC platforms. We find that it’s often much less expensive to use keyword phrases of four or five words than two or three as the same amount of money allows for a larger group of conversions.

Marketing Analytics Experts

Effective digital marketing is often looked upon as extraordinarily complex when looked at granularly, however if you take just one step back and look at it intuitively, it makes perfect sense logically and very quickly becomes perfectly understandable. It all comes down to finding the mathematically best use of marketing dollars to identify, engage and activate the right people to become your customers. We are experts in this field and enjoy the process of helping our clients achieve business success not by confusing them with an avalanche of statistical findings, but by doing our job properly and giving them the information and marketing they need to be certain they are doing the right things to maximize the success of their firms.

Our firm, Construction Marketing Inc. is proud to be known as a leading expert in marketing analytics in the construction industry. We are very pleased how our over 10 years of experience and skill in this area adds to our broader marketing abilities serving our clients in this industry.