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Professional Photography Matters

Why Professional Photography Is Important For Your Firm

Willis Weese
March 29, 2022
why professional photos are important for your firm.

1. They represent your brand

Professional Images are more than just something nice for clients to look at — they are the first thing someone associates your brand with. Whether it’s a new user on your website or someone just scrolling through your social media, people will associate the quality of your work with what you provide for them to see. If the only images you have showcasing projects are blurry, low-quality images, some may assume the attention to detail in your work is poor. If you don’t have any pictures at all, or the ones you do have are outdated or only renders, people might think your firm no longer provides services or isn’t trustworthy as there are no results to look at! Photos play a larger roll than most people may assume. A reputable agency or freelancer with a quality portfolio are some of the best places to start looking if you want to improve your brand image. Marketing agencies are a great place to start as they can help you manage your entire brand image from photos to websites to social media. How do you know if you need to improve your brand’s photos?

  • Review the quality of your images. Are any blurry or low-quality?
  • Do they represent your brand well?
  • Would you be proud to share these photos with an interested client?
professional photography for businesses

2. They have the potential to sell a project

A set of quality photos have great potential to sell a home or other project. Users can fall in love with the style, mood, and setting of a photo, which can subconsciously make them also fall in love with what they are viewing. It isn’t all psychology, though — simply put, quality images can lead someone to conclude they are seeing a quality product or service. Brand-trustworthiness is one of the hardest things to create, but with quality photos and information, you can easily create a relationship with any interested client.

3. Draw new visitors in on social media

The best part of quality photos is that they can be used anywhere (with permission of the photographer). This means images you commissioned to sell a project could then be used to feature the project on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, to name just a few. With users being more engaged on social media than ever, this will create a sort of “snowball effect” for every other metric in your business. More people will call, visit your website, and message you if you are sharing quality content that reaches many people.

4. Keep users engaged on your website

Another benefit of quality photos for your brand is the ability to use them on your website in multiple ways. Rather than only using photos for a listing that will eventually be taken down, you can also use these images to showcase your brand’s strengths or services you’d like to push more. A great example of how this can be done is this modern home builder’s website in Nashville, TN. They have used photos and renderings originally created to showcase projects across their entire website to build their brand image. Showcasing the best your brand has to offer is a great way to draw clients in and build your brand’s reputation.

These are four quick reasons why professional photos are Important for firms or builders. There are many other reasons that quality photos could be useful, but it’s important to analyze your business and evaluate the need for the goals you have set. 

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Vivid Studios located in North Sarasota is a full service photo and video studio available for renting 1/2 day or full day. In addition to studio rentals, Vivid also offers video and photo services by professional photographers.

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