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How Construction Marketing Prioritizes Website Accessibility in 2020 and Beyond

By Bobbilynn Hollifield
April 10, 2020
Embracing content marketing in 2020

With the ninth annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day happening in May of this year, Construction Marketing wanted to bring attention to our recommitment to ensuring our communications are in compliance with ADA regulations and that our services are readily available to every person, regardless of ability.

The World Health Organization’s updated definition of disability reads as “an umbrella term” which covers impairments, limitations and restrictions. What this boils down to is a breakdown in a person’s ability to interact with the features of society due to a health or physical difference that society isn’t readily prepared to accommodate. Construction Marketing’s goal is to ensure that none of our services are behind an access barrier and that all people are welcome and able to communicate with us without difficulty. As a technologically-forward firm, Construction Marketing understands that our compliance with ADA regulations is more than simply satisfying a list of requirements but a bridge that connects us with people and allows us to help empower them to achieve more than ever. Technology is a tool we use to overcome the barrier to leveraging common societal features. We’ve outlined the ways we weave accessibility into the fabric of our content by following the top four principles of ADA compliance. These guiding principles provide a roadmap of the considerations we take when creating content for our own organization as well as what we create for our clients.

4 Principles of Website Accessibility

1. Perceivable

This principle states that the content of a website should be presented so that it can be consumed and interacted with by all users. This entails that all content on a website is made available to all visitors by providing copy that is readable by screen readers for the visually impaired and text for the hearing impaired. All our new sites are coded to W3C accessibility standards which allow all devices to operate without difficulty. All images are labeled appropriately with alternate text and special attention is paid to providing adequate color contrast to be easily perceived by low vision or color-blind users.

2. Operable

Essentially, we are responsible for ensuring that people with disabilities are able to operate our sites using a choice of tools. This includes keyboard navigation and provisions to ensure that all interactive functions of our sites are translated to accessible configurations that allow all users to view and interact with the site's features in their preferred manner.

Additionally, our sites do not contain flashing elements that could induce seizures in epileptic users.

3. Understandable

ADA compliant website design

The content and the operation of the website should not only be perceivable and operable, but clearly understandable for all users. To ensure our sites’ content is fully understandable, our web developers use a standard coding language that is easily translated by assistive devices. In addition, our sites’ navigation is clear, consistent and predictable and we provide alternative formatting for interactive elements.

4. Robust

Our websites are cleanly coded especially for easy interpretation across platforms, operating systems, browsers and assistive devices. Our websites are coded to best practice standards which include making sure that the code is free of duplicated information and is using common markup language for maximum robustness.

Bilingual Website Services

For clients who have a need to provide content in a second language, we also provide Spanish translation for websites and can create mirror websites where the content is provided in English and Spanish with a click of a button. See our Spanish Marketing Services page to learn more.

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