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If you are a construction expert, a marketing expert, or both (like us), we would love to work together. We are always looking for original and interesting articles.

There is a mutual benefit that we will enjoy if we publish your post. For us, we get to share interesting and helpful information with our readers. `For you, our blog writer, you get to share the post too, 30 days after our publication date. You will be given credit as the author and receive a link back to your site and up to 2 additional relevant links. We believe in building quality links which is why unlike other websites, we publish quality posts at no cost to you.

Read on to review our contributor guidelines and learn how to submit your blog post.

Contributor Guidelines for Submitting Guest Posts:

  • Content should be original and new (never published before)
  • Topic should be related to either construction or marketing or both
  • Article must be at least 750 words long
  • Up to 2 links may be included in the article but must be relevant and placed naturally
  • Content must be grammatically correct
  • No self-promotion in article. Author and company may be mentioned in author bio only
  • Submit author bio and contact email or website
  • Photos are preferred but not required
  • Our editors reserve the right to edit your posts for clarity and grammar
  • We will to confirm within 5 days if we will publish your post
  • You may publish the article after 30 days of it being published on our site, but must cite and link back to our blog post as the original publication
  • You may promote your article on social media or on your website

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