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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Operations

with Content Marketing in 2022

By Tim Robinson
January 20, 2022
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It is now 2022 and the new year comes with a lot of innovative opportunities and potential for your eCommerce business. The brainstorming sessions are brimming with new content ideas to grow your eCommerce business in 2022, and rightly so.

Content marketing stands out as the most promising contender amongst the various sales and marketing niches that can help you expand your business. It remains a stable long-term marketing solution that can weather all storms and dips in the industry.

The Impact of Content Marketing

Content marketing has come a long way from its initial stages. These days there is so much more to this marketing niche than publishing email newsletters and writing blogs. This technique uses various types of content to reach, engage, and convert your target audience.

The content you deliver has an effect on all the adjacent marketing strategies. This makes it crucial to nail your content marketing plan. In doing so you lay a strong foundation for almost all your marketing strategies from influencer outreach to paid promotions and your own earned media. Through efficient content marketing you can:

1. It Carves A Strong Brand Identity

The pandemic has resulted in an exponential growth in online shopping with the eCommerce market reaching $5 trillion in 2022. As everyone is trying to make the most of this boom, standing apart from the competition becomes extremely challenging.

The only way to carve some space for your brand in the niche is to upgrade the quality of the content you produce. Etching an extensive content marketing strategy should be aimed at going above and beyond to provide greater holistic value for your customers.

content marketing for ecommerce in 2022

2. It Boosts Customer Loyalty

Customer retention should truly be declared an art form. With the skyrocketing surge in available options, generating brand loyalty becomes complicated. Content, when present in a strategic manner, can build a strong rapport with your customers. They keep coming back for your pieces which results in consistent interaction and loyalty.

3. It Optimizes the Conversion Funnel

Content marketing strategies can make the customer's journey through the conversion funnel. You can cater to the target audience at every touchpoint in their journey through engaging content. This can be done by solving a specific problem, providing valuable information to the leads, or educating them about your product.

Here’s an extensive list of content marketing techniques that can enhance your eCommerce growth.

Diversification of Content

Content marketing strategies for eCommerce organizations are still largely based on email marketing and blogging for a reason. They provide the highest return on investment and can reach diverse audiences efficiently.

content marketing 2022

But content marketing in 2022 has evolved massively to include different types of content alongside. People consume more than a billion hours of video content on YouTube every day! Creating videos, long and short, therefore becomes a safe bet to reach your target audience. 

Short videos can do the trick to capture and engage your customer on social media. Conversely, the longer ones can be used as a great tool for connecting with them through effective storytelling or educational scoops.

Infographics can also serve as a gateway when transitioning from creating blogs to videos. You can strike a balance between the copy and images used in an infographic when experimenting with visual content. A few other areas to venture into while diversifying your content includes producing a podcast, hosting webinars, making the most of the eCommerce wave of “live shopping” and so forth.

Add Value Through Content

An impactful content marketing strategy is focused on churning out relevant and valuable content consistently. Educational content takes it up a notch by appealing to their rationality. You can pique your audience’s interest by integrating entertaining and educational content. 

Such content marketing practices are highly recommended as they elevate the shareability of posts and videos leading to exponential growth. There are numerous ways to do this. When writing blogs and publishing guest posts to populate those articles, make sure you produce how-to guides, updated facts, and relevant ideas that solve your audience’s pain points.

Through such content marketing strategies, you are indirectly capturing your lead’s interest and guiding them to purchase from your eCommerce store. Assisting them with detailed content and answering their queries through your posts and videos established your authority in the niche. This leads to the consumers coming back to your website over and over.

Leverage User-generated Content

It's always a good idea to share consumer success stories. You're engaging potential buyers by sharing that their friends adored your product or service. Furthermore, you can obtain priceless creative content without spending any money. User-generated content adds credibility to your website and is as authentic as it gets.

You can feel free to post customer testimonials about how they are enjoying your products or services. If your consumers have previously written positive product evaluations, you can ask them for a detailed review or feedback.

It is best to ask clients to share their happy experiences like positive customer support encounters or receiving their product promptly thanks to your quick courier services. Another interesting way to gather user-generated data is to use social media contests and giveaways. There is no end to the creativity you can obtain through your user’s stories, photos, and videos. The authenticity establishes a real connection with the potential leads while building a stronger connection with the existing customers through the interactions.

Repurpose Content

You update, transform, or recycle current content by repurposing it. It can be one to a wide range of forms, including advertisements, blogs, data visualisations, infographics, videos, and webinars. Successful repurposing needs some creativity and innovative practices, although it is rarely as time-consuming as the original production.

Repurpose your original content to get extra mileage out of it. This is a known strategy that leads to around a 100% to 200% increase in organic traffic. A blog article, for example, may contain a lot of information but can convey the same through a single channel. By repurposing that content into different formats like social media posts or an infographic and distributing it through different channels, you may use the same information, or a portion of it, to reach a larger audience. Through this practice, you can:

Gain Access to New Audiences

When you first post a piece of content, it may perform mediocrely. However, it slowly gets traction and performs slightly better over time. As you refurbish the content pieces in a new format and/or update it, you can reach new audience segments who would not have found it otherwise.

Emphasize Your Message

Rather than covering a topic once and then burying it in the archives, repurpose your articles to communicate your message to your readers on a consistent basis. This works well if you begin with high-quality, authoritative information. It makes it easier to come up with creative strategies to reinforce your point.

Enhance Organic Visibility

As discussed above, expanding the variety of content provides greater access to explore the white space for targeted queries. A good content marketing strategy in 2022 includes making the most of backlinks by publishing content on other sites. Strategically repurposing your content can help you with that.

Summing Up

Content marketing strategies can help your eCommerce business evolve successfully. You can monitor the growth through the performance of your content pieces. Evaluate the strategies that seem to work on your website and social media. Engagement rates can skyrocket when your content starts hitting the right targets. Remember to be consistent and gauge the trends in the industry to keep the reach and engagement buzzing throughout the year.

About The Author

Tim Robinson is Digital Marketing Manager at PACK & SEND, a 25+ years old and respected brand in e-commerce, logistics, and freight delivery solutions. Tim has 20 years of combined experience in sales and marketing. Logistics, D2C, franchising, business planning, and operations management are his core expertise. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

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