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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Tips for Construction Companies

By William Jacobson
March 14, 2022
facebook advertising for construction companies

From raising brand awareness to attracting leads, few marketers can overlook the social media juggernaut that is Facebook. From an emerging MySpace competitor a little over a decade ago, it has risen to become a household name with a staggering worldwide user base. Naturally, the AEC industry has much to gain from social media marketing itself. But in an increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, one needs nothing short of perfection to rise above the competition. To help you achieve it, let us explore some crucial Facebook advertising tips for construction companies in due depth.

What makes Facebook ads effective?

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Initially, Facebook itself offers unquestionable perks for advertisers, including:

  • A massive, engaged audience - as of 2022, Facebook has nearly 2.9 billion monthly active users. What’s more, most of them meaningfully engage with ads across all demographics and industries.
  • Excellent ROI - for this reason, Facebook ads yield by far the highest Return on Investment (ROI) among all paid advertising channels.
  • Deep audience insights tools - that’s in no small part because the platform’s Audience Insights (formerly Facebook Analytics) offer deep, actionable insights for marketers to customize their ads effectively.
facebook advertising

That said, not all ads perform equally. As with all paid advertising, the most successful Facebook ads exhibit the following universal qualities:

  • Personalization and relevance
  • Brevity and conciseness
  • Clarity in their offer

While rudimentary for text economy, those qualities should serve as a robust foundation for the following suggestions.

Approaching Facebook Advertising

Still, all forms of marketing benefit from proactive due diligence, and luck favors the prepared. So, before delving into Facebook advertising tips for construction companies, we present a checklist you may consider first.

1. Consult your CRM

As a construction business owner, you’re likely already using some Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. If you’re not, it’s highly advisable that you research the market, pick the best one for you, and put it to immediate use.

CRM’s benefits and applications are too many to explore here, but in the context of Facebook advertising, it will offer deep insights into your target audiences. Your customer segment data will help inform your ads, while your customer database will help nurture and retain the new customers you acquire through them.

fb ads for construciton companies

2. Establish your goals

As with all marketing campaigns, organic or paid, you may best outline your exact goals as accurately as possible. Are you looking for brand awareness to bolster your brand image? Are new leads your top priority instead? When do you expect results, and which metrics will you track to monitor them?

Doing so early will primarily ensure your campaigns are hyper-focused on their goals and immediately trackable. In turn, you may more accurately and quickly adjust them post-launch if you find them to be underperforming.

3. Prepare for the long run

Finally, Facebook advertising will most likely not be a swift and temporary solution. Construction businesses leverage it effectively to thrive, and paid marketing campaigns are typically long-term by default.

You should thus prepare for the long run and initially budget accordingly. Then you may start considering additional tools to refine them, as well as complementary activities like content marketing on Facebook.

Facebook advertising tips for construction companies

With your groundwork in order, you may now begin crafting the perfect ad campaign for your construction business. As you do, you may start with the following tips in mind.

1. Keep your ads simple and concise

Arguably the single most helpful quality for any ad is simplicity. This is particularly true for image ads, as Facebook itself suggests and supports via MMA research. But regardless of your ad types, audiences across the board value simplicity and brevity.

To achieve it, you may check your copy to ensure it only answers key questions your audiences are interested in.

  • Who are you?
  • Where is your business located?
  • What do you offer?
  • Why are you trustworthy?
  • Why are you better than the competition?
facebook tips for advertising

Such simple questions are typically what potential customers care for, especially in the data-minded construction industry. A single ad can’t possibly answer them all at once, of course, but you may start with offering simplicity and then explore additional essential information they need.

2. Optimize your copy for your audiences

On the subject of your audiences, one cannot overstress the significance of copy personalization. This is true for all industries, and the AEC industry is no exception.

Naturally, each audience segment will differ from the next. Your audience insights will ultimately determine exactly what your audiences need and what copy best resonates with them. Still, as regards copy choices, you may begin with Facebook advertising tips for construction companies like:

  • A professional tone. AEC audiences typically expect a comparatively higher level of professionalism. You may explore the limits of yours, but you’ll likely need to avoid emojis.
  • Lenient use of jargon. Similarly, B2B marketing often relies on trust signals. Some prudent use of jargon will assure your audiences of your expertise and earn their trust.
  • Data-driven outreach. Your decision-maker audiences’ final choices will affect others, so eliciting emotional responses will likely fail. You may best use solid, tangible data to present your offerings in an appealing way.
facebook advertising tips

3. Dig into Audience Insights

That said, your audiences will truly be unique to you. From their location to their exact business position, a wealth of factors will inform what best resonates with them. To pinpoint such factors, you will need to dig deep into exactly who you’re marketing.

Facebook’s Audience Insights, formerly Facebook Analytics, offers one of the deepest built-in analytics tools any social media platform provides. It’s, arguably, one of the critical reasons for Facebook ads’ continuously immense ROI. You may leverage this tool to dig deeper into your customer segments for such valuable information as:

  • Demographics. Your audiences’ age, sex, location, occupation, and more.
  • Psychographics. The key psychological factors that inform their decision-making processes, such as perceived value alignment.
  • Behaviors. Recurring behavioral patterns, device preferences, and more.

4. Choose ad placements carefully

Beyond copy refinements and personalization, Facebook Advertising tips for construction companies can’t overlook the crucial factor of ad placement. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you may opt for automatic placement, but the better option is to go manual. With such deep insights at your disposal, you may maximize the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns through strategic placement.

Facebook lets advertisers choose devices; desktop-only, mobile-only, and all devices. Opting for all devices may serve as the safest option at first until you deduce which devices your audiences use more. Then, you may prioritize specific placements within Facebook:

  • Facebook newsfeeds
  • The Audience Network
  • Instagram
  • Messenger

Especially as you scale your business and expand your marketing activities, such refinements can offer immense value for little effort.

facebook advertising tips

5. A/B test your ads

Finally, as with all marketing campaigns, A/B testing is unquestionably your most valuable course-correction asset. A/B tests allow you to test individual ad elements with your exact audiences in action, letting you perfect your campaigns for maximum performance.

Thankfully, Facebook also offers built-in A/B test tools you may explore. Ways to test your campaigns or ad sets include:

  • The Ads Manager toolbar; on existing campaigns, on ad creation, and via duplication
  • The Experiments tool
  • Common scenario prompts

Here you may revisit your audience research and data, as well as ad and campaign data, to pinpoint underperforming elements. Focus on one at a time, apply the corrections your data suggests, and test your way to perfection.

To sum up

Facebook advertising remains demonstrably lucrative in 2022 – and the AEC industry is no exception. Copy-wise, the key Facebook Advertising tips for construction companies include maintaining brevity and conciseness and personalizing copy for your audiences. In turn, you may dig deeper into Audience Insights for actionable information, perhaps revisit copy, and examine your ad placement. Finally, you may conduct thorough A/B tests over time to perfect your ads and maximize their effectiveness. While cursory for text economy, these tips should hopefully help you get started on the way to Facebook advertising success.

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William Jacobson is a freelance SEO copywriter and web designer in the making. An avid enthusiast for all things digital marketing, he frequently authors content on SEO and PPC with a keen focus on the AEC and relocation industries.

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