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Security Guards Enhance Construction Site Security

Best Way To Protect Your Jobsite

By Dan Redd
November 11, 2021
security guards for construction sites

When you think of construction sites, you likely imagine men in hard hats with hammers, nails, and concrete, building the next towering structure in your city. While these things are certainly a major part of a construction site, they are not the only part that matters. Construction sites are extremely vulnerable to a wide range of criminal activities like theft, vandalism, issues of safety/liability, trespassing, etc. Thus, it is important that a reputable security company is taking the proper steps to secure and manage security issues at your construction site. When you choose construction site security guards for your job site, you will have peace of mind knowing you won't lose money or be held liable due to illegal activities.

How Can Construction Site Security Guards Help Secure My Job Site?

construction site security

Construction site security officers offer protection by monitoring the area around the job site for suspicious activity or potential threats. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that no one enters the property without permission from the owner or manager. In addition, they can be called upon if there is an emergency situation, such as a fire or medical emergency.

What Are the Benefits of Employing Construction Site Security Guards?

Construction site security guards can help prevent crime from occurring on your property. They can also provide assistance when something does happen so that you don’t need to worry about liability. Here are some benefits of employing construction site security guards:

Theft Prevention If an employee has access to valuable items such as tools, equipment, materials, vehicles, etc., then they could easily steal them for personal use or resale. This would result in significant financial losses if no one was there to step in and stop the theft. A guard can be there to make sure that all employees are properly supervised while working onsite.

Safety & Liability If someone gets hurt because of negligence by another person, the individual at fault may face legal consequences. However, if a worker is injured during their shift, the employer will most likely be responsible for paying medical bills and other damages incurred via worker’s compensation. Having a security team present helps ensure that proper safety procedures are followed and that hazards are identified early before they cause issues, so your workers stay safe and protected. This can save you big in the long run on both worker’s comp and liability issues.

Trespass Protection It's easy for people who do not belong on your property to get into trouble. For example, trespassers might damage landscaping, break windows, vandalize walls, or even enter areas where they shouldn't be. By having a security officer patrolling around your work area, you can rest assured that nobody is allowed inside without permission.

Improve Project Morale Construction work can be arduous and sometimes dangerous. A good way to improve morale among your workforce is to hire construction site security officers. These professionals will help reduce stress levels and create a safer environment where people want to come to work every day. Your employees will have peace of mind that they are safe during the workday, with guards actively monitoring the site and assisting in the event of an emergency. Increased morale in turn increases productivity, helping your company complete jobs faster while keeping costs down.

construction site security guards

How Do I Find Good Construction Site Security Companies?

Finding good construction site security companies isn't difficult; however, you should look for several factors before hiring any company. These include, but aren't limited to:

1) Experience – You want to hire a company that has experience providing services similar to what you’re looking for. Look up their reviews online and see what others say about them. Also ask for personal testimonials from friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors who have used their services.

2) Insurance Coverage – Make sure that the company carries adequate insurance coverage for both general liability and workers compensation. Furthermore, find out whether or not they carry commercial crime insurance. Commercial crime insurance covers acts committed against your business including burglary, robbery, arson, vandalism, malicious mischief, larceny, fraud, and more.

3) License – Ask the company if they hold a license issued by the state. Some states require contractors to obtain licenses prior to starting work. Others allow anyone to start doing business once they've completed training courses and passed exams. Check with your local government website to determine which type of license applies to your situation.

4) References – Contact references provided by the company. Be wary of those that come directly from current clients since they're usually biased towards the provider. Instead, try contacting former clients and asking them about their experience with the company.

5) Training – The last thing you need when it comes to protecting yourself and your assets is inexperienced staff. Therefore, make sure that every member of your crew has received thorough training regarding safety precautions, rules, regulations and policies. They should also receive periodic refresher training throughout the year.

6) Equipment – When choosing a security firm, check out their selection of cameras, lighting systems, locks, alarms, and other protective devices. Many providers offer free consultations to help customers decide which products best fit their needs. A quality company will work with you to create a security plan tailored to the unique needs of your business.

7) Price – Remember that in most instances, you get what you pay for. Be sure to look at the big picture and not simply who is the cheapest security company available. There are many reputable firms offering high quality services at affordable prices. Additionally, don't forget to ask for a written estimate of services, so you can ensure you are getting the services you need at a fair price.

8) Reputation – Lastly, choose a company based on its reputation among past customers and within the community. A good reputation is important for your business as the security guards you hire represent your business.

Construction site security is far more important than the average person realizes. Don't allow your site and employees to go unprotected a single day longer! Call a reputable security company today to begin designing the perfect security plan for your business and job site.

About The Author

Dan Redd is the Vice President of Twin City Security, a veteran-owned company founded in Minnesota in 1974. The company has offices throughout the United States and takes pride in offering security solutions tailored to the unique needs of each organization they work with.

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