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Build Trust

3 Concrete Ways To Build Trust

With Your Contractor Brand

By Haley Anne
December 01, 2021
building trust in your brand

Within any industry, it is important for a business to establish trust in their brand. Mostly, consumers prefer to avail services such as remodeling, roofing or constructions from businesses that inspire trust. It can be slightly challenging to create a positive perception in the minds of the audience in the beginning. You will find it easier to build trust with your contractor brand if you focus on appealing to the consumers with elements such as logo design, colors and imagery.

According to a report, 59 percent of consumers are most likely to avail services and buy new items from brands that they can trust. This goes to show that you can have a higher chance of achieving success with your contractor brand by establishing credibility with the audience.

In case you are looking for techniques or methods to build trust, there are quite a few that you could try. Let’s take a look at some concrete ways that can help strengthen the position of your business in the market.

1. Communicate Your Brand Identity Clearly

brand identity techniques

This is basically about what your audience thinks of your contractor brand immediately. Are they able to identify the nature of the industry? Can people understand your message and core values? These are just a few of the questions that you should focus on while developing the brand identity. It is important for your audience to think about your business positively and associate it with trust and reliability. 

In order to communicate clearly with the consumers, you need to first pay attention to the elements of your visual brand identity. Most contractor logos feature icons, shapes or abstract symbols that tell the people what the business has to offer instantly. You may also come across color palettes of blue, red, black or grey, which can inspire confidence and trust within consumers. 

When it comes to shades of blue for example, they can bring out feelings of trustworthiness and security. So businesses in construction tend to make use of such color schemes that communicate with their audience clearly and make a lasting impression as well. Other than that, you can also highlight a unique factor to appeal to the consumers and encourage them to hire your services.

This is basically about making a statement about your brand and how it is different from the others in the industry. Showcase why your contractor business stands out by offering value to the people. Create a responsive and well-designed website and share information or content that proves your authority in a specific field, like remediation, for instance.

2. Give Social Proof

contractor branding

When consumers are looking for contractor brands, they may prefer to hire the services of one that has good reviews or recommendations. In this day and age, social media has given businesses a lot of visibility and provided them with platforms to reach out to their audience easily. There is a high chance that people will look up your business website or social media accounts while searching for a reliable one.

In order to build trust with your contractor brand, you can give them social proof by adding customer testimonials on your website. You can also promote short videos on Instagram or Facebook with real customers giving their feedback. User-generated content is likely to boost the trust factor and help create a positive perception of your brand as well.

According to a survey, around 79 percent of consumers consider online reviews similar to personal recommendations.

3. Maintain Brand Consistency

brand identity

One of the first steps to building trust with your contractor brand is maintaining consistency. It is crucial that your logo, colors and tone of voice remains the same across various channels or mediums. So when you are coming up with a marketing strategy, keep this in mind and make sure that the elements of your brand identity are similar so that it is easy for the audience to recognize it anywhere.

In order to establish credibility and authenticity, this is very important. Otherwise, you could end up sending a confusing message to the audience, and possibly risk turning them away. People want to see the same elements on digital platforms and across printing material such as billboards, flyers or brochures. Brand consistency can also help generate a higher revenue in the long run and boost awareness as well.

It can help your audience identify with your business and recall it when they are in need of services like remodeling or rebuilding. People are also able to associate your brand with the logo or colors in a short span of time if they are consistent on the web or on display.

To Sum Up

These are some concrete ways that you can build trust with your contractor brand. You can apply them to get your business off the ground and create familiarity among a wider consumer base. People are likely to avail these services from brands and professionals they trust so consumer confidence is important to achieving the set business goals. 

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