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7 Things to Check

Before Launching Your Construction Company Website

By Ryan Grant
June 08, 2022
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Knowing that your business needs a website is no longer obscure knowledge; it’s really the only way to have any notable marketing presence in today’s digital landscape. But where do you start? What is a reasonable expectation of the net results you’ll see? On the one hand, you want your website to aid your company as much as possible but on the other, you don't want to dedicate an outrageous amount of resources to it. So, let's explore the seven main things to check before launching your construction company website.

Before launching your construction company website

Like constructing a building, you cannot make a decent website in a day or two. Having a good website entails understanding the marketing aspect of it as well as the needs of your potential clients. You also need to have an experienced professional helping you create and maintain your website. Our first tip: Don't be surprised if launching a construction company website ends up needing more preparation than you initially thought.

1. Branding

As a construction company, you need to have a recognizable brand. This includes both your logo and the core idea behind your company. Keep in mind that your brand will, or at least should, be a part of every aspect of your website. You should tackle everything from design choices to content creation with your brand in mind. So, do yourself a favor and think long and hard about what kind of brand you would like to be. The main difficulty you will run into is how to create a brand that has a natural connection to construction while standing out from the rest. We suggest hiring a professional brand designer and listening carefully to their input.

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2. Local SEO

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Along with brand development, you should pay close attention to local SEO. For those new to website management, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO determines where your website will show up in Google's search results; websites with well-managed SEO will rank high on the first page, while websites with less-effective SEO will fall to the bottom of the ranks. As you can imagine, a high SEO rating is essential if you want people to find your website. Since Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, managing your website’s SEO is a long-term, ongoing process that is typically best done by an SEO specialist.

The best way to conquer your local SEO ratings is to research your competition. Not only will you be able to learn what works, you’ll have the benefit of seeing what does not work. This research is time-consuming and, again, best performed by an SEO expert.

3. What’s on your website?

A website for a construction company can range from a basic landing page to a content-rich, dynamic and interactive website with all of the bells and whistles. How robust your website will be is entirely up to you, however, you should be prepared for the amount of planning and work commensurate with how robust you want your site to be.

4. Who will help you build your website?

website design for construction company

To tackle all the design and programming aspects of building a construction company website, you will need an experienced website team to help you out. They can help you identify your specific needs, create a custom design, write all of the copy and manage the SEO – a list of tasks that is nearly insurmountable for someone who isn’t a marketing professional. Ideally, you want to find a team with ample prior experience building and maintaining construction company websites. 

5. Security Measures

Working closely with your marketing/web development team, you should identify what security measures you'll need to take to ensure your sit isn’t hacked, attacked or otherwise compromised. The options for website safeguards are nearly endless, but keep in mind that if you plan to collect customer data, you should consider more robust measures. Again, working with a developer who has experience with construction company websites is key to choosing the right security measures for your company’s site.

6. Monitoring & Analytics

website design for construction company

When your site is up and running, you’re going to need to monitor the traffic and SEO analytics, customer communications, and overall site functionality. For templated sites, you can find any number of free plugins that will help you monitor your website, but with an experienced web developer in your corner, you can have custom-coded features that can give you far more support than any one-size-fits-all plugin.

7. Website Maintenance

With your website live, you may feel ready to go, but before you launch your construction company website, we suggest that you decide who will maintain it. After a while, your plugins will need updates. And some aspects of your website may become redundant or obsolete. Final tip: Do your best to establish a long-term relationship with your web developer.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, launching your construction company website is by no means a minor ordeal. There are aspects to the website launching process, such as hosting, that we haven’t covered here, as they’re more advanced topics that need extra digestion. The biggest piece of advice we can provide is to plan ahead, know your brand and hire a great website team. With ample preparation and a capable web developer at your side, we know that your website will be a major success.

About The Author

Ryan Grant worked as a professional web developer for over 20 years. He now mainly focuses on consultation work and providing helpful articles to teach people how to use the web to grow their businesses.

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