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7 Construction Marketing Ideas for Building a Better Brand

Grow Your Business with Marketing

By Tony Wright
July 12, 2021
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Building a better brand is more than just fixating on a logo design. An established brand helps you stand out in the gruesomely competitive industry and makes finding new leads and customers easier. Like all other businesses, a construction company also needs to build its brand to stand out amongst its competitors and provide a direction to its team.

This is why we bring you a concise list of marketing techniques for a construction company to build a better brand for themselves. Here is how you can professionally represent your company’s perception after you create a construction company logo.

1. Create Your Own Website

No business in the current age can have a strong foothold in their respective markets without having their own website. A website helps you tackle many brand image problems that will individually take up more time and capital to solve.

A website provides an easy-to-access platform for your audience to learn about you and your company, get details about your services, and find your contact information. They can also find testimonials from previous clients to find out about your customer service.

2. Make Use of Online Directories

local seo for construction companies

Online directories are one of the most useful internet features for people looking for local services. When a consumer performs a search that indicates they’re looking for local service providers, Google provides a directory of nearby businesses, each entry containing the business’s contact information, star rating and a link to their individual website.

Listing your construction company in local directories will help you reach a broader range of audiences who are specifically looking for your services.

3. Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a flexible and effective marketing tool that is handled best by certified Google experts. You can customize your company’s display and search ads according to your advertising needs reach your target audience and garner more valuable leads. Knowing your target audience will help tremendously when you begin online advertising campaigns.

4. Make Sure Your Advertising is Properly Targeted

Now that you're dealing with advertising, you should know what kinds of ads will appeal to your target audience. Your advertising approach should be specific. Instead of cramming all the information about your brand and services into one ad, have separate advertisements for individual services. This approach will keep your audience engaged instead of boring them with extraneous information.

Specific advertising makes your marketing plan seem professional, experienced, and credible, which your brand should aim for at the end of the day. This technique will help present you as a credible and trustworthy business in the market.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media

local seo for construction companies

Social media holds the keys to the world of the internet. You can have your own website, get listed in directories, and pay for ads, but nothing will help boost your exposure and impact as much as a social media campaign.

Millions of people spend a great deal of time on social media. Therefore, maintaining a presence on social media can be a great marketing opportunity for you, whether you choose to utilize boosted content, regular posts or platform-specific social media ads. Make sure to use, or at least explore, all opportunities that different social media platforms provide you.

6. Launch an E-Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to market your construction company via email marketing.  Newsletters help you engage with your target audience and provide them with interesting insights about your business. You can use newsletters for advertising individual services, discussing industry-related issues, or talking about successful projects. A friendly and conversational newsletter is fun to read for your audience and might even persuade them to check out your website or your services. 

7. Work with Video Creation

Videos are the most popular form of content on the internet. Arguably, people engage with videos more than any other type of media. As a result, videos are highly encouraged by search engines and usually help blogs and websites rank higher in the Google algorithm.

Videos are also a great means to convey your message to your target audience quickly. A 15-second video might be more than enough for you to introduce your company and talk about your services.

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As a writer, spiritualist and artist, Tony Wright is a global citizen living where his spirits takes him. He’s a freelance writer working to earn for his travels. He writes what he experiences and sees.

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