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4 Ways Construction Software Can Help You Sell More Jobs

By Sean Robinson
March 4, 2022
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Brochures. A branded website. Business cards.

These are all common staples of any home builder’s marketing toolkit. Just as your crew needs saws and hammers, construction business owners need certain supplies to reach new audiences.

But having your name and contact information on the back of a 3” x 2” card isn’t going to cut it anymore. The key to an effective construction marketing toolkit is to include materials that help you stand out from the rest. Because let’s face it – the industry is cutthroat. Any company can whip up a brochure and claim they’re the best of the best.

How do you really show you’re superior to win the sale?

It’s all about demonstrating that you know what today’s homeowners want – and you won’t just meet their expectations. You’ll exceed them.

So, what do homeowners really want? Well, to solve that puzzle, it helps to know millennials are the fastest-growing segment of home buyers. A report by the National Association of Realtors shows this group accounts for 37% of the overall U.S. housing market.

Equally important to consider is our current reality. As the COVID-19 pandemic creeps into its third year, construction business owners can no longer rely on face-to-face meetings with clients. The convenience of connecting digitally has never reigned so supreme.

These two facts work together to demonstrate the power of construction technology in today’s industry. And one of the most effective ways contractors have digitized is through construction project management software. These platforms streamline scheduling, record job details and track financials.

But that’s just the beginning. Tech can also play the role of the strongest salesman on your team.

Here are four ways construction software helps you stand out and win the sale.

1) Improving clients’ building experience from the point of sale

Today’s consumers crave digital experiences – no matter the generation. Whether we’re hailing a ride home or ordering food in, tech makes life easier. Why should the experience of renovating or building a home be any different?

A homeowners report by Buildertrend highlights the expectations of today’s tech-intelligent clients. They value digital interactions and ease of communication when working with a residential construction business. That means builders who demonstrate they are tech-savvy stand a better chance of rising to the top.

With that in mind, home builders shouldn’t be shy to show off any construction software in their arsenal when making a sales pitch.

This is your time to drive home the deal. Illustrate how this saves your clients stress, time and money. Though a single login, software keeps them in touch and in the loop with every step of the building process.

Gone are the days of juggling late-night phone calls, emails and texts – for both contractor and client.

2) Tracking leads from prospect to purchase

Even before you arrive at the sales pitch, construction technology is there for you. Platforms like Buildertrend have built-in CRM tools that add order to an otherwise unruly sales process.

Honestly, every builder wants the best jobs – and you want to win them more easily than ever before. So, how do you avoid getting lost in the never-ending influx of requests while prioritizing projects that bring in the most dollars?

Unlike spreadsheets – or worse, paper files – software organizes it all. You’ll now finally have a way you and your team can capture, organize and track prospective customers in one place.

No more guessing which project is closest to closing. See where all deals stand at a glance then focus on projects that’ll drive higher revenue.

It’s that simple.

3) Enhancing social media engagement

Whether it’s TikTik or Twitter, everyone’s on social media. That means your best marketing should be, too. And there’s nothing stronger than positive word-of-mouth.

Construction software turns your customers into your biggest brand ambassadors. As your team completes a project, they can easily share progress pictures through tech platforms. Then, with just the click of a button, clients can share those photos to their social media.

“I can’t believe my builder is working this fast!”

“Check out the amazing job my remodeler did on our kitchen!!”

“I can’t wait to see the finished project by my fantastic building team!!!”

Reviews like this could be yours for the taking.

4) Automating processes so you can focus more on building

Construction project management software is all about saving you more of your most valuable resource.


You’ve got houses to build, crews to manage and clients to meet. Marketing often gets lost in the shuffle. Not with tech on your side. It can handle the little things that make all the difference in closing the deal.

Can’t remember to send a marketing email a week after every initial client meeting? Software can do the job. Want to post glowing customer reviews on your website? It’s got your back there, too.

It’s not just about managing your projects. Digital platforms make you a better, more equipped builder all around. Start with the sale – then see where tech takes you.

About The Author

Sean Robinson is a word nerd who’s made a career of it. Currently, he serves as a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend, the leading construction project management software. Previously, he worked in creative marketing and public relations for national retailers, a leading healthcare organization, insurance and Fortune 500s.

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