construction marketing consulting

Whether you have an in-house marketing team that is looking for broader industry insight and strategy development, or you need assistance with all aspects of marketing, our team can provide you with the information and deliverables you need, when you need them.


construction video production

Powerful and effective product and service videos are an important part of setting your company apart from the rest. Let your customers know who you are with video!

Proposal Development

construction bid proposal development

The visual appearance of your proposal, the vision you create as well as the clarity of the writing all contribute to the success of your firm in the selection process. We bring talent and expertise to create a stunning visual presentation to your construction proposal.

Visual Communication

construction marketing advertising design

Construction Marketing helps convey to your existing and potential new clients the professionalism and skill your company is capable of through a visually cohesive marketing message.


Construction Marketing is a full-service advertising agency and marketing consulting firm with a customer-focused attitude. We know the construction industry, and we know it well. Our expertise in helping contractors and suppliers share their message through branding development, digital marketing, and content creation help them advance to the next level. Let us show your company how a professional marketing strategy can make a difference.

As technology continuously improves, today’s construction industry continues to be an ever-changing and innovative field. It is a dynamic industry requiring experience and professionalism in order to rise above the rest. Construction Marketing is skilled at creating marketing strategies for the new digital age specifically for the construction industry. A new breed of technology-savvy construction industry leaders has emerged that understands the crucial importance of digital marketing to their companies’ long-term success.

Construction Marketing's mission is to provide construction businesses with the right tools needed to position them ahead of their competition. We provide mid-sized, large and multi-national construction firms with world-class marketing and advertising services. Our expert marketing professionals can show how effective in-bound marketing can create a more profitable and higher-volume future for your company.

Our niche marketing in the construction industry is designed to help companies stand out in the crowd and connect with construction professionals seeking specialized services and products. Our marketing is exciting, engaging and designed to give decision makers the information and innovation needed to take business to the next level and make a buying decision.

Call Construction Marketing today at (941) 312-7801 to set up a complimentary marketing strategy review for your firm.

For firms that have an in-house marketing department or a relationship with a local marketing firm, we also offer expert marketing consulting as a stand alone service.

Construction Marketing knows the importance of having a professional and visually compelling website in today’s digital marketing landscape. We know how to specialize a site for companies in the construction industry because we know the business.

We help businesses set themselves apart, positioning us to create a dynamic and impressive online presence that motivates target customers to act. An important tool decision makers use to decide who is awarded a project or what products are specified or used on a project is the web. Up-to-date, attractive and engaging content about your construction company or building products is how business is generated in today’s digital age.

We know how effective inbound marketing is in unlocking a more profitable and higher volume future for your company. Our marketing is designed to allow your company to stand out and be found by the people that are looking for someone just like you. Our marketing is engaging and designed to give decision makers the information and confidence they need to take things to the next step and make a buying decision.

  • Website design
  • Online advertising
  • Website banners
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Videos

Construction Marketing’s experience in branding has proven it’s not just for consumer products. Branding in the construction industry is a way to create a that simple message that resonates with your company and provides a motivational hook urging them to do business. Wouldn’t you like to be collectively thought of by the entire construction industry as being the most respected provider of your product or service? Branding can do that and more.

Before decision makers awards a contract or make a large purchase of products or equipment, they need to be put at ease. They will search the web for information and cues that let them know they are making the right decision choosing a product or company. If they continually run into the impressive materials about your company, engaging videos and believable testimonials about your construction related firm, that will motivate to pick you. All things being equal, whenever two different products or companies are under consideration – it is the quality and status of the decision cues gleaned from the web and social media that make the difference.

A continuously updated, broad-spectrum marketing effort and active social media engagement is crucial to you success in the construction industry.

  • Corporate visual identification
  • Corporate Image
  • Brand Positioning
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Print and trade journal ad layout
  • Capabilities brochures
  • Product brochures
  • Trade show display design
  • Trade show planning and materials
  • Product launches
  • Online advertising
  • Website banners
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web videos
  • Web design

Are you a distributor for HVAC, roofing, plumbing or other building materials? If so, you know what it’s like trying to coach local dealers in marketing your products effectively. Construction Marketing can streamline that process through specialized product distributor and supplier marketing. We are here to help you succeed in the business world.

Construction Marketing understands the distinctive dynamics between distributors and their dealers. We know what is required to attract the best companies to carry and market products on the local and regional l level. Our custom dealer programs for the construction industry make it easy for dealers to access up-to-date materials, videos and web content so products outsell the competition and dealers become more tied to your products.

We provide training as well as programs and materials customized to specific dealers so they successfully sell your products. Your best dealers will avoid changing allegiances and going to the competition because they will not want to miss out on an effective dealer marketing program like no other company offers. We offer our client’s these services:

  • Dealer product materials (photos, product descriptions, specifications
  • Dealer web assets
  • Dealer website templates
  • Website banner ad templates
  • Co-op marketing programs
  • Co-op marketing program management
  • Co-op marketing fraud investigation

In the past, marketing in the construction industry involved sending out printed materials such as four-color brochure and magazine ads, flyers, newsletters, etc. in hopes people would see them often enough that the branding became recognizable. Now we’ve embraced the digital age. In this business-driven world, print is wasteful and everything that’s anything is found online. Content creation is where it’s at, as is search engine optimization (SEO) to make Google searches easy on your perspective clients.

In the digital age, the secret to effective marketing in the construction industry is in-bound marketing. This means to be found by people looking for your construction specialty, equipment, product or service, action is required. This, in turn, will cause a reaction that we hope provides new clientele for your construction company and additional work well into the future.

Our full-service, custom web marketing services include:

  • Social media company/organization Pages
  • Social media training
  • Social media engagement
  • Keyword and key phrase research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy development
  • Pay Per Click marketing

Construction Marketing is fortunate to have creative professionals on our team highly skilled in graphic design and the visual arts. We emphasize this service because graphic design is central to all things in marketing. Cohesive, consistent and effective design across the various avenues people interact with your company is vital. The design of a quality logo, website, videos, print and marketing materials, and social media plans must communicate a message about your company people will remember. That message is one of strength and reliability in the construction industry. Allow our talented team to create a professionally branded image that can stand the test of time.

Collectively, the design of all designed material and collateral creates an image in decision makers minds of your company and its services or products. We will work with you to specific a business image that becomes so strong it becomes a brand. Our graphic design services geared to the construction industry include:

  • Logo design
  • Corporate style and usage guides
  • Unique corporate font design
  • Catalog design
  • Vehicle/Fleet graphics
  • Newsletters
  • Product and Service sell Sheets
  • Tradeshow graphics
  • Tradeshow display designs

Construction Marketing offers complete media planning and buying services. Because we work exclusively for the construction industry, we can maximize your results by effectively targeting the construction publications and events that will reach your potential clients.

Efficient media planning improves the impact of your advertising by pinpointing exactly when and where your message will appear, and to what audience. Our depth of experience in the construction marketing field gives us a unique insight into what publications your clients are reading, what events they are attending, and which web sites they frequent. We will use this information to create an appropriate mix of advertising for your company, targeting only those clients that are the most interested in your services, and the most ready to buy.


There are a large variety of advertising opportunities available to you; let our construction marketing experts guide you towards the ones that will make the most impact to your bottom line. Common media outlets include:

  • Digital advertising
    • Web site banners and advertisements
    • E-mail
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Digital publications
    • Trade publications
    • Digital newspapers
  • Print publications
    • Trade publications
    • Newspapers
  • Event advertising and sponsorships
    • State-of-the-construction industry events
    • Training events
    • Networking events
  • Outdoor signage
    • Billboards
    • Banners
    • Posters
    • Posters
    • Transit ads


Our construction marketing experts will craft a professional message for your company that grabs the attention of your clients and gives them a clear call to action. Because it is important to deliver a consistent message across all platforms, we will ensure that your message is consistent with the look and feel you have carefully crafted through your website, digital and print materials.

A good media plan is essential to increasing the awareness of your company within your target demographic. Let us show you how it’s done.

Construction Marketing Inc. does many things to ensure your construction proposal is the one that is most likely to be selected to move on to the next step in the process or to win the project. The visual appearance of your proposal, the vision you create as well as the clarity of the writing all contribute to the success of your firm in the selection process. When the decision making panel convenes, your construction proposal is the “silent salesman” in the room and it will powerfully communicate the true benefits your firm will bring to the project. We will help you stand apart from your competitors. Find Out More

Construction Marketing believes that integrated and effective marketing in the construction industry is always led with a professional public relations plan. Tweets, Facebook advertising and press releases when something important happens is really just the tip of the iceberg. Where public relations really gets important is when Construction Marketing clients are involved in projects that excite or rally the people affected by it. We encourage our clients to be actively engaged, sympathetic and caring of the community’s input and responsive to their concerns.

Construction Marketing can show you how to effectively use public relations to shape the situation in a manner beneficial to both your company and its objectives as well as to that of the community. Well executed public relations in the construction industry can and should lead to a win-win for all involved.

Construction Marketing can develop procedures and well-conceived responses for dealing with crisis situations. The time to start thinking about how your company will react to a fatality or major construction accident is not the day it happens, but ahead of the need. Proper advance planning is how you can most effectively deal with a situation that if handled poorly can destroy even the most successful organization.

  • Press release campaign
  • Media relations
  • Event planning and event promotions
  • Crisis preparedness / management
  • Construction accident/fatality media response
  • Social media protocol

At Construction Marketing Inc., we understand and embrace the many positive impacts social media can have on our clients’ businesses. Few construction industry business owners realize that social media can be a crucial part of their businesses. Integrating social media thoughtfully and effectively into your company’s marketing and recruiting efforts could have a tremendous impact on your overall business success. You can realize benefits that grow your relationships with current and future customers as well as define, solidify and improve your company’s identity.

Whether you are a $1 Billion+ construction manager with dozens of projects across the US or a start-up specialty sub contractor; there are aspects of social media you absolutely can and should be utilizing.

  • Provides critical reference points for media outlets that determine whether to run the press releases we submit, or develop stories surrounding the events the press release identifies.
  • Proper social media engagement demonstrates both professionalism and a sense of community while positioning your company high in the minds of future clients.
  • Offers updates about your company for potential customers in real-time.
  • Establishes credibility and relevance.
  • Increases website traffic and gives search engines the certified information they need to locate your firm in each of your targeted search terms.
  • Demonstrates a sophisticated view of how all construction activity fits into a larger community context so concerns and impacts can be addressed & managed.

A great social media program requires active engagement and a constant flow of new and relevant material. Our social media department works tirelessly to develop original content for your company and will generate new and exciting posts for your social media accounts that provide real value by generating interest within your target markets.

After an initial consultation to determine your voice, expertise, and style, we will begin working to build “content calendars”, providing fresh material that speaks directly to your customers. You will retain complete control over what appears in your social media accounts by approving all posts before they are published. We work closely with your company to produce the engagement you need to thrive, while you focus your attention on delivering quality service.

When it comes to video, Construction Marketing are the experts. Using high-caliber photography and software, Construction Marketing gives your clients and customers a professional opinion of your company from the very first second a video begins. We provide a full range of jobsite and studio video and audio production services. We are experts with the ever-changing technology of video production and can shoot on a range of budgets and set needs. We offer 4k and HD video production for use on television or web videos and can hire professional models for video and photography.

In this time of quick information and short videos, every construction contractor really needs a professionally shot company overview and capabilities video. It is the best possible way to show who you are, what you do and the professionalism that sets you apart. We have several samples of video in our portfolio that we invite you to peruse. Construction Marketing’s video and audio production services include:

  • Video production and editing
  • Audio production and editing
  • Actor/Model casting
  • Construction project owner testimonials
  • Construction project videos
  • Construction capability videos
  • New project visualization videos
  • Construction trade organization/association videos
  • Construction project aerial and drone videography
  • Construction site 24/7 live web-cams
  • Construction product demonstration and how to videos
  • Message on hold for PBX systems

There is a difference between snapshots and photography. There is an even bigger difference between a completed jobsite shot on a smart phone versus a high-quality professional camera. Effective marketing absolutely requires great photography. A timeless photo stands on its own and evokes meaning without knowledge of the people, places or things in the composition.

The exact meaning a professional photo on a construction jobsite can evoke is different from viewer to viewer. But well-executed photography plan allows a construction company to properly display and promote projects or products, bringing great distinction to your construction business.

At Construction Marketing, we believe that high-grade, professional construction photography is the cornerstone of building brand for our clients. We provide these professional photography services:

  • Construction project photos
  • Architectural photos
  • Actor/Model casting
  • Building product photos “beauty shots”
  • Trade organization events
  • Construction project aerial and drone photography