photography for construction industry

Photography is one of the most critical aspects of your brand. Great construction photographs draw the eye, tell a story, and form the backbone of all your future marketing endeavors, including websites, brochures, ads, PowerPoint presentations and proposal responses. With compelling imagery, you convey a sense of expertise, reliability and trustworthiness. When paired with the right marketing message, these images elevate and distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

Construction Marketing has relationships with a wide range of photographers across the United States, and can supply our own professional photographers or work with local photographers to get the images you need to ensure that your image is professional and engaging.

Our Chief Photographer, Benjamin Bean, is an exceptionally talented construction photographer that has successfully completed over 500 assignments, and has worked in nearly every US state and in more than 30 countries.

Benjamin spent over a decade as a professional photographer at Caterpillar, Inc., where he photographed heavy equipment in action at various job sites throughout the world. He has also lent his skills to forestry projects, underground mining, manufacturing, engineering, and other construction-related enterprises.

Benjamin has mastered the art of creating compelling on-the-job portraiture that captures the essence of construction and the people who make it happen. He uses innovative lighting and composition techniques to accentuate his subjects and bring the scene to life. The result is unforgettable: images that perfectly capture the moment and setting, and become the building blocks for the creation of a persuasive story that our clients’ customers will never forget.

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  • Architectural photography
  • Construction sites
  • Corporate portraits
  • Working portraits
  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction in progress
  • Drone footage
construction industry photographer
photography for construction business
photographer for construction industry

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